Pastor's Journal

Blessings in Zimbabwe

Friday and Saturday were consumed with a number of minister meetings which included a meeting of all Gospel workers in Zimbabwe Saturday morning. Dozens had come from throughout the country to attend, meeting at the Harare headquarters church. 

Sunday was a very blessed day at the headquarters Highfield church in Harare. The morning service began with a guitar solo, "It is Well," followed by the choir singing, "We are Marching to Zion."  We later heard a vocal trio singing, "Who Am I."  There were perhaps 1500 present for both services and all enthusiastically supported every aspect of the service.

The young people's service was very good too. The 40 voice youth Choir sang "Sing/Shout to the Lord" & "You Are My All in All." Our congregational songs were familiar too, "What a Mighty God We Serve" and "Awesome God." One exception was a song sung in the Zimbabwe native tongue. We always love to hear that as it captures the spirit of sincere praise to God. Five testimonies were sandwiched between a young men and a young ladies' sextet. The men sang in perfect harmony a Capella in their native tongue. The young ladies sang beautifully accompanied by the keyboard. The sermon was preached from Isaiah 42:10-12. and the youth were encouraged to be able to sing a new song, one of redemption, salvation, deliverance, and praise.

To watch a video clip of the women singing, please click here:


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