Pastor's Journal

Prayers of Thanksgiving in Australia

As the Australia camp meeting continued on Thursday, the congregation received a wonderful answer to prayer. The saints had been praying for the youngest son of the Sydney pastor, Ernest Akerejola, who was admitted to the hospital before the camp meeting began. In the prayer room before the Thursday evening service, another request was read for him. However, God had already answered; a few minutes earlier, he had walked into the meeting with his mother. During the service, the Spirit of God was felt especially strong as everyone rejoiced in the answer to prayer.

Brother Sam reported that a spirit of revival continued into Friday through both the morning teaching and evening evangelistic service. After each, many tarried at the altars and prayed intensely.

On Saturday morning, the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and the Washing of the Disciples’ Feet were observed. Then in the evening, everyone enjoyed a program of songs, fun, and food. With visitors joining in, there were a variety of music selections as differing countries, languages, and ages were represented. Among the participants were students ranging in age from kindergarten to college.

The concluding services on Sunday witnessed a continuation of the revival atmosphere. Brother Sam said, “Right from the opening songs in the morning service, the presence of the Holy Spirit was readily felt, and before the sermon concluded, people rushed to the altar.”

In the afternoon, the congregation made their regular visit the Narwee Adult Foster Care home and held a service for those who are unable to get out to meetings.

The evening service included a baby dedication. The final sermon of the camp meeting was taken from King David’s prayer of thanks to the Lord after he had successfully brought the Ark back to Israel. The message focused on how God had fed His people in Australia and set them on a sound foundation. Again, the altar filled before the sermon concluded as the congregation responded with their own prayers of thanksgiving.

As Brother Sam prepares to return home, he writes of the camp meeting, “Truly, the Lord has done great things for us in Australia, for which we are thankful. With so many blessings this year, we look forward to next year’s camp meeting, if the Lord tarries.” The 2016 camp meeting is scheduled for September 25 to October 2.

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