Pastor's Journal

A Spirit of Revival in Melbourne, Australia



A weekend of revival meetings began in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday with an evening of music. Brother Sam said the choir and orchestra gave a repeat performance of the music they presented during the Sydney camp meeting, and it was just as inspiring.

The next morning, a Sunday school workshop was held for teachers, and during this time three new teachers were appointed—two for Melbourne, and one for Sydney.

The Saturday evening service was blessed as the spirit of revival that was felt during the Sydney camp meeting carried over to Melbourne. The sermon, on God’s love, was followed by an earnest time of prayer in which even the visitors participated. At the conclusion of the evening, a complete meal was served, giving everyone an opportunity for fellowship.

Sunday began with a Sunday school lesson on Comfort. The rest of the day was filled with an atmosphere of anticipation, and during the morning meeting, the altar began to fill before the sermon was finished.

In the evening service, many inspiring testimonies were given. One woman told about when she was in labor for a week and needed surgery. She prayed that the Lord would help her to avoid it, and about five minutes before the surgery was to begin, her baby was born.



Another testimony spoke of the blessings that come from paying tithes. A man said that during a time when his family was in financial trouble, they were counseled to put God first and pay their tithes. They did, and the Lord miraculously provided.

The prayer service following this final meeting was particularly intense, though the Lord poured out His Spirit on every service.

As the weekend of meetings came to a close, Brother Sam conveyed the sentiments of the Melbourne saints: “We give God the glory for all He has done among His people, and we pray that the spirit of revival here will continue.”

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