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Sunday in Botswana

The Gospel in Botswana had its beginning in 1969 through Rev. Alfred Maseko from Lobatse.


Due to an illness, he traveled to Johannesburg to seek treatment. While there, he met someone who told him that if he went to our church in Zimbabwe, he would get prayed for and God could heal him. He did just that and God healed him. God also saved him, sanctified him, and filled him with His Holy Spirit. We currently have 600 Apostolic Faith members in 20 branch churches scattered throughout 7 districts in Botswana.


The closing of the Botswana camp meeting concluded with Sunday school followed by an extended morning service. The morning service began with a children's program which featured a song with the words, "Our camp meeting is over; we are going home; good bye, good bye; Until we meet again." During the song, one by one, the names and flags of visiting countries represented were projected on an overhead screen. A chorus of "amen" could be heard with each country recognized.

The prelude included a violin solo, orchestra and choral pieces, and a vocal solo. The choir sang again later, as did a mixed quartet. Our team was represented in the testimonies and the sermon.

We have been highly blessed to worship with the Botswana saints and others who joined us from the Southern Africa district. While small in number they are rich in faith and dedication to God. What a privilege to become acquainted with them and now ask you all the more to remember them in your prayers.

To view photos from the trip, please click here, view the children singing, please click here, listen to singing during the ordinance service, please click here,



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